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HostAbout is a service provider who can administer and synchronise all services a Host requires to manage a successful holiday rental through Airbnb and HomeAway. HostAbout is not affiliated with Airbnb or HomeAway. These services are able to be conducted throughout each stay, namely before each guest’s arrival, during each guest’s stay and after the guests have left the property. Our range of services have been put together to take the hassle away, so you the Host can focus on helping your guest have an amazing holiday rental experience. HostAbout also offers a range of services to the guest on the Host’s behalf to help their guests create wonderful holiday memories, all of these additional features can be found on our services page, or by contacting us directly, anytime.

HostAbout currently only operates on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Stay tuned as we will be expanding to other areas in the near future.

Anyone who owns a holiday rental or is looking to rent out their own home as a holiday rental, can use HostAbout.

If you don’t have time to manage, organise services, or you’re not available to check on the details of your holiday rental, we can take care of all of this for you. We administer communication and bookings through the Airbnb and Stayz websites on your behalf and then synchronise all the services required to go with each booking. HostAbout is also a great option for anyone who is looking to (or would like to) manage their own bookings, but would prefer to leave the hassle of services required for each booking to us (for example. Cleaning, linen, gardening etc.). If this sounds like the experience you would like to have, then simply check out our services page our services page or contact us to have a chat.

If HostAbout are the Administrators of your Airbnb Account we offer key exchange by default. If you are self managing your Airbnb account we also offer the key exchange as an individual service through our Property Services Menu. Please see pricing here. You can choose to have a secure HostAbout pin coded key safe secured at your property for your guests’ convenience. With this option, the guest will be supplied with a pin to use on the key safe when they check-in at the property to access the house keys. They are then required to place the keys back in the key safe upon departure. A member of HostAbout will check all keys have been placed in the key safe ready for the next guest.

If you select the ‘Meet and Greet’ option, this is where a member of the HostAbout team will arrive at your property to meet your guest and hand over the keys. Upon departure of your guest, we will return to the property to ensure house keys are placed back in the HostAbout key safe.

Yes, you are able to choose from our list of property services at any time and in fact we can arrange for these to be carried out as a one off or organise these as recurring services. In fact, you may wish to keep using our services for your home in between seasonal holiday rental periods.

Yes, HostAbout can assist you with this process, there is a once off Account set-up fee and a 12% administrative fee for ongoing Administration. Please see here for our services.

No, HostAbout currently lists properties on Airbnb, HomeAway and we can accept bookings directly too via our website. Do keep a lookout as we are looking to expand.

Yes, HostAbout can become the Administrator of your Airbnb Account and we can also synchronise any individual services e.g. cleaning, gardening, pool, welcome gift etc. with your bookings. All you have to do is give us your preferences for guests, rules and availability of the property, select the services you require and then sit back and relax. Check out our price calculator for services and administration of your account.

Over a short time we have seen the holiday rental market change considerably, so we too have changed our way of working to best benefit the home owners.

We now only offer Full Administration of your Account

We centrally manage various platform bookings, ensure the listings are always synchronised and up to date, look after the guests from start to finish and ensure your property needs are met.

You will ultimately have say over the listing, this is your property. HostAbout create the profiles and will manage all the communications, administrative requirements and services for your home or holiday rental. The setup is a once off Administration task but edits can be made at any time. We will ask you to provide us with a criteria of your ideal guest and ask for your input in the following areas, for example:

  • The dates and times for your property to be available to guests
  • What you would like your nightly rate to be
  • Whether you would like to rent your property out to families rather than groups of friends
  • You can decide whether pets are allowed (i.e. you may not want large dogs)

You also ask you to provide us with house rules for your property which will be placed in the house manual for your guests and more. Please speak to us for further details.

HostAbout is unable to guarantee a property will receive bookings, however HostAbout is here to ensure we take the hassle out of hosting and does its utmost to ensure that your holiday rental property has an attractive and inviting profile and will provide tips and tricks to increase the rate of booking success.

Once you have contacted us and we have created your new Accounts, HostAbout will send you a checklist of items, and any other relevant details, that is a requirement for all Airbnb/HomeAway properties.

We will also supply you with some of our own tips, tricks and advice to help leave a lasting impression on your guests for repeat stays.

Some of the items that are required will be some basic stocked toiletries, essentials and cleaning products for both the kitchen and bathrooms to be left in the house for your guests, we will also require three extra sets of keys (one for us in case of emergencies and two for the guests), a unique service that HostAbout offers to all their Hosts is a service which allows you to leave your guest a little something (e.g. a local bottle of wine from a Peninsula winery or a box of chocolates from the Peninsula chocolate shop and a small selection of other options, visit our list of services that may help you achieve that 5 star result without the hassle and surprise your guest to enhance their holiday experience.

Yes, a member of the HostAbout team can re-stock the basics for you (see our list of services and fees). One of our team members will conduct a walk through prior to your guests’ arrival and also after the exit clean has been performed after departure, whilst they complete this they will be checking the stocks of these basics. You will be contacted once this has been completed to notify you if anything needs to be re-stocked and seek your approval for this, one of our team members will then be able to replace any items for you. Please see here for prices for this service.

If you have selected the Full Administration option: You are able to cancel this option with HostAbout at anytime, it just needs to be in writing. However, if you already have any confirmed bookings and services for your property whilst you are under the management of Airbnb/HomeAway, it is important to understand that you must honour both the booking through Airbnb/HomeAway and the services for your property from HostAbout.

When HostAbout becomes the Administrator of your Account, we will not be able to cancel any confirmed reservations unless there is an extenuating circumstance.  Cancellation of guests reservations can have serious implications and add major costs to their trip, so penalties can apply.  Please refer to Airbnb and HomeAway cancellation policy for Hosts. We do however understand that circumstances in life can change and therefore recommend as a helpful tip, that any bookings through Airbnb and HomeAway should only be accepted up to 5-6 months maximum in advance.

Cancellation of Property services (only) paid in advance.

-Cancellations made before 72 hours of commencement of a scheduled service are free of charge.

-Cancellations made between 48-72  hours of commencement will receive credit note, to allow for rescheduling of the service at another time.

-Cancellations made between 24-48 hours of planned commencement will incur a 50% charge.

-Cancellations made between 0-24 hours of planned commencement will incur a 100% charge.

Managing late arrivals ties in with the 2 options for Key Exchange. The two available options are the Meet and Greet and Secure Key Lock.

Secure Key Lock
If you choose the Secure Key Lock option for your guest, they can arrive late with minimal impact, as they can access the key anytime after the standard check-in time of 4pm (we notify them of the PIN code prior to their arrival).

Meet and Greet
If you have chosen for the HostAbout team to Meet and Greet your guests and your guest arrives at your property 1 hour past the agreed arrival time and we have arranged for the HostAbout member to wait or return to the property, a late fee of $50 is charged to you (the Host). Please refer to the Client Services Agreement for the terms on late arrivals.

Check in
Self Check-in: On the day of check-in we will be at your property to turn on lights, aircons or heaters and ensure the property is ready for your guests and also verify the keys are in the keysafe ready for the guest to access.

Meet & Greet: A HostAbout team member will arrive at your property approximately 30 minutes ahead of your guests’ check in and prepare the house for your guests and complete a walk through of the property. To impress your guests we can turn on lights, open windows or raise blinds, turn on the air-conditioning and place a special welcome gift in view for their arrival. We will also show the guests all the important features of your property and how to use them. This will also include making the guests aware of any of your rules of the house, as set out in your holiday rental manual. In the event guests are collecting keys from a secure key lock we will make sure keys are available there.

Check out
A HostAbout team member will arrive promptly at the property upon check-out of your guest or arrive in between the check-out and check-in, if your property has back to back bookings.

We will check to make sure the house keys have been placed back in the secure key lock or collect from the guest if this option has been selected and also perform a walk-through of the property. This will involve checking for any damage or missing items throughout the property, any items that require restocking such as toilet paper or basic kitchen items, whilst completing the check if the team member notices any damage to the property or any items within the property that have been damaged or missing (which is unlikely) the team member will provide photos of this damage where possible, so that you are able to make any necessary arrangements in relation to this.

It is important, as this is your property, that you take the necessary steps to protect you and and your property. HostAbout does not offer insurance but this can be arranged through the Airbnb and HomeAway website, Airbnb offers a $1,000,000 AUD Host Guarantee programme to protect you from accidental damage to your property and also offers a Host Protection Insurance programme designed to protect you from liability, this is used in case your guests get hurt or causes damage to your property. Similarly HomeAway offer $1M Liability Insurance.

We can assure you HostAbout will screen all your guests in accordance with your preferences you have requested in our initial consultation. For example: If you have requested that there is to be No Schoolies staying at your property, we will ensure these preferences are adhered to. By letting us know what your preferences are from the beginning, you decide about the type of guests you would like to have come and stay at your property.

The HostAbout team will also help create a house manual for your property which will include your house rules and any instructions that may help your guest. This manual will give you the opportunity to set out any rules that your guests must abide by for example: no smoking inside the property and outdoor smoking instructions.

HostAbout can set a security deposit for each of your guest bookings. In the unlikely event, the security deposit can be used to help cover any minor incidents that occur during your guest’s stay, these might normally be things such as a lost key or broken plates and/or glasses and this will also help provide you peace of mind about your property.

A member of the HostAbout team will take photo’s of any issues/damage or will contact you whilst they are at the property so you are aware of the issues as soon as we are, so you are able to start the necessary steps to resolve the issue. As per our Terms & Conditions, you will be charged accordingly for any extra services which are undertaken.

No, if HostAbout manage your Listings for your holiday rental, there is no long term contract. This is the magic of Airbnb/HomeAway, you are able to advertise your property for as long or short a time as you like with no locked in contract. We simply are the Administrators of the account, although you will be required to honour any confirmed bookings and services.

Our commitment to you is very important to us as we strive to eliminate the hassle for you, the Host. To make sure that you understand what our commitment is to you and your property, you will be required to sign a Client Agreement, if you have selected the administration option. The Client Agreement will outline the services that we will undertake as well as explain what the process is to terminate your agreement with HostAbout.

If you are using our property services only for your Holiday rental, you will be required to agree to our Client Services Agreement online, please see here for the Terms of this Agreement.

Once your booking is accepted via Airbnb/HomeAway  – payment is made by these providers to a nominated HostAbout bank account.  At the start of each month a statement from HostAbout will then be sent out to you with a summary of admin costs and money transferred to your account for each booking & services.

If repair work is discovered at property whilst under Full Administration by HostAbout, HostAbout will investigate this on your behalf. A general maintenance call out fee of $120 applies, and this will determine the associated repair costs, which Hosts can decide upon.

If you are a Host who provides your own linen for your guests, we have linen and laundry services available. This may include our cleaners removing the linen from beds after your guests’ departure and our arrangement for laundry services. We will then arrange for the linen to be returned and the beds made. If this cannot be completed in time, because you have back to back bookings, you are required to supply a second set of bedding or alternatively HostAbout can arrange to have linen supplied on your behalf, this can include: bed linen (bed sheet set, pillowcase set, duvet/doona cover), bath towels, face washers, hand towels, bath mats, kitchen tea towels (you will be contacted by a HostAbout team member when bookings are made to see if you require this service and provide you with a quote).

If you are a Host who does not provide linen, but does provide pillows, pillow protectors, duvet/doona and mattress protectors only, please let us know. In this case, we can pass linen hire services onto your guest as part of our guests services. This service allows your guest to have linen supplied, beds made and all that is required from the guest upon departure is the removal of the linen (which is explained to them), placed in a laundry bag supplied and left outside the front door for collection. These are the services that help impress your guest.

The Guest Service Menu is a Concierge Service we provide to all our Hosts and our Guests, this allows a Host/Guest/Shopper to purchase products from our shop, these include but are not limited gourmet foods, local wines, beers and other local products.

Any person purchasing liquor products MUST be 18 years or over (please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information).

HostAbout will arrange delivery of all products in our menu to coincide with arrival at your Holiday rental (or as per instructions provided to us in the shopping cart “Special Instructions”).  Please note: the gourmet food by ‘Essence food for the Soul’ is made to order so all orders are placed before Monday at 9am and are collected from Wednesday afternoon (2 days later). (refer to our Terms & Conditions). All other products in the guest services menu can be arranged for next day delivery.

This is a very convenient service we offer to Hosts returning to their home after the holiday rental season.

We understand and have experienced ourselves coming home to an empty fridge and bare cupboards – and the last thing you want to think about is what to have for dinner! This is why we offer a return home package, containing some basics and a main meal prepared by one of our local suppliers. Take advantage of this service when returning home and let us take some of the hassle away from you! Visit our quick quote page to view the return home package and select a meal to go with it.